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Why has this discussion board been set up?
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TOPIC: Why has this discussion board been set up?

Why has this discussion board been set up? 4 years ago #116

Can I politely ask why this discussion board has been set up ?

The National Clinical Audit Forum is established and to my mind this board represents duplication. It also has the potential to water-down relevant debate which would be avoided if we stuck to one national forum.

Re: Why has this discussion board been set up? 4 years ago #117

  • Cortical
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Can I politely ask that if you think that NCAF is in any way fit for purpose, you explain your thinking?

From a practical point of view it's unsuited to its task (not using forum-specific software), the management is poor (suspicious moderation/censoring and frequent downtime and data loss), and to top it all off, since Robin Burgess ripped into some users, activity has actually dropped from minimal to nil.

I still have doubts about whether such a forum is really needed at all, but I will not entertain any suggestion that this CAT forum is anything other than light years ahead of NCAF in every way. Over time this place will pick up; NCAF is essentially already dead.
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Re: Why has this discussion board been set up? 4 years ago #119

  • sashmore
In reply to the original question, the Directors of Clinical Audit Support Centre (CASC) would like to give the following response:

First, many thanks for the initial question. It is entirely reasonable to ask us to clarify the origins of this discussion board in more detail.

This discussion board has been set up simply due to demand. Over the last 12-18 months CASC have been contacted by many clinical audit and healthcare professionals asking us to set up a simple discussion board. We were working on the wider concept of the Clinical Audit Tools website at the time and therefore provision of a discussion board seemed like a logical move.

Of course, it is worth noting that this is not the first (or last) clinical audit discussion board and many of you will be aware that SECEN and NAGG had forum/discussion boards prior to and operating at the same time as NCAF. We would also point out that this discussion board does not duplicate NCAF as NCAF is a much broader social networking product.

We would also like to note that prior to the launch of the Clinical Audit Tools website, we had several discussions with HQIP regarding our plans. HQIP were given the opportunity to partner CASC in the delivery of the wider Clinical Audit Tools website but ultimately decided that they did not wish to participate in this project. For information, HQIP raised no concerns that this resource would impact on NCAF.

To date, we are very pleased with the progress of the wider Clinical Audit Tools website and the discussion board is starting to gather momentum. The comments received have been positive and thus far the discussion on the boards has been intelligent, professional and fruitful. We will continue to review the discussion board and improve it where possible. In this regard we very much welcome suggestions from users.

Re: Why has this discussion board been set up? 3 years, 11 months ago #140

  • PZD
With regard to NCAF - does anyone know how secure the Forum is?

I have noticed quite a lot of new members on NCAF who are clearly using fake accounts trying to sell and advertise all manner of gear from sportswear to watches to ugg boots to tiffany jewellery? Is this appropriate for a National Clinical Audit Forum? I have also noted that there seem to be loads of NCAF members who have duplicate accounts.

On a similar issue, how do others get on with HQIP e-documents? I have had compatibility and formatting issues with a number this year.

Overall I find HQIP's IT quite frustrating to use. Perhaps a trivial example but their current homepage with the main news item on the DH Audit Survey. If you follow the links to this the survey closed 4 days ago on 11th May. Clearly, someone is not monitoring their website very well not least as there are also lots of broken links within their wider site.

It will be interesting to see how their IT rates in their stakeholder survey.

Re: Why has this discussion board been set up? 3 years, 11 months ago #141

  • PZD
Link on HQIP website to DH Audit Survey still in place and now over 5 days overdue! Did no one at HQIP notice this when their e-Bulletin was sent out today?

The following link might explain why their attention is elsewhere

Re: Why has this discussion board been set up? 3 years, 11 months ago #146

I very rarely go onto NCAF. As a Chair of the North East Network, I once uploaded the network papers to the group, outcome was no one turn up with any papers and stated we don't use NCAF, its too slow and cumbersome and when you are in a group and click to see the groups documents it often takes you to a list of all the sites documents.

I was an active member of NCAF and set up the MS Access users group, but several times the documents ended up beeing corrupted and people emailed me directly asking for copies. I have found that this site generates open debate that gets responses and views I also have to agree that the blog by Robin in February made my mind up to even try to contiue to support NCAF. I agree a site like NCAF is very much needed but it needs to be easy to use and also fast to use. This site is that. NCAF fails in so many areas, I have lost my personal confidence.

We have now set up the North East Network pages on Clinical Audit Tools Discussion Board (NECAN\NEECLAN). HQIP had the right idea, but in my view and many members of NECAN's view NCAF was not fit for purpose and HQIP are reluctant to listen. CASC set this site up due to hearing so many frustrations from clinical audit staff. It would be wiser and more sensible for HQIP to end NCAF and commission CASC to develop this site more. This site is my first point of call. I'm not 'HQIP bashing' here but if something is not fit for purpose it needs to be changed, but I guess I don't need to say that to people working in clinical audit.
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